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  2. Generalkatalog 1880-1881
  3. Generalkatalog 1881.6-1885.8
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Generalkatalog 1871-1879
Catalogue of collections acqired by the Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm, Sweden. This catalogue contains collections acquired during the years 1871-1879.

58 itemsWelcome to The Swedish National Museums of World Culture

About the organisation

The Swedish National Museums of World Culture form a government authority that consists of four museums with shared responsibility for a large part of the international cultural heritage in Sweden. These four museums of world culture provide perspectives on the world and societal change.

The four museums are situated in the two biggest cities in Sweden. The Museum of Ethnography, the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities and the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities are located in Stockholm, while the Museum of World Culture is located in Göteborg. The museums reach out to national and international audiences through travelling exhibitions and cooperative projects.

The museums each have a different focus and different profile, but as part of the National Museums of World Culture they all have the same task from the government.

The authority’s head office is situated in Göteborg.


The National Museums of World Culture wish to contribute to the use of cultural heritage as a positive force in the promotion of sustainable global development.

Assignment and responsibility

The National Museums for World Culture focuses on the world, our relations to it and the manner in which it functions culturally. Our ambition is to provide perspectives that enable people to expand their world view in an increasingly internationalised society.

Starting with what is happening today, our task is to use a combination of know-how, artistry and participation to provide our visitors with experiences that please, worry, challenge and inspire.

Our goal is to contribute to a societal progress marked by equality, respect and tolerance, one where variety is seen and utilised as a positive force; our ambition to work systematically with actors in other cultural and societal sectors.

In our role as a museum authority we deal with cultural history that has its source outside Sweden. The organisation includes the Museum of World Culture in Göteborg, as well as the Museum of Ethnography, the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities and the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, all three in Stockholm. Our combined collections of objects, photographs and other artefacts from the whole world have been built up over more than four centuries. They constitute the largest collective manifestation of our countrys contacts with the rest of the world.

The collections are a part of our world's cultural heritage. They shall be preserved and managed in accord with such agreements as the UNESCO World Heritage Convention and the Professional Ethical Rules of ICOM.

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The Museum of Ethnography
Ecce homo! The National Museum of Ethnography will use exciting, suggestive programs and exhibitions to expand perceptions of various life styles and cultures world-wide. The museum will use its abundant collections their provenance to offer knowledge and perspectives that invite reflection on...
57 items
The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities
Meet Asia! The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities works to serve as a living museum of Asian cultures, a forum for experience and insight, as well as a constantly changing scene for meeting, investigating and debating the role of Asia in the world covering cultures and tradition today and tomorrow....
2 items
The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities
The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities is a cultural oasis, a wisp of the Mediterranean region with its rich culture, aesthetics, traditions, exciting atmosphere, food and drink. It is a cultural crossroads where eras, places, religions and cultures meld and meet in constantly...
4 items
The Museum of World Culture
In dialogue with the society in which it exists, the Museum of World Culture seeks to serve as a meeting place where sensitive, intellectual experiences will enable people to feel comfortable at home and abroad, trusting in and taking responsibility for a shared global future in a constantly...
4 items

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